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Your Vision + Thrive Alive Music Artists
Your Personal EmpowerMe Song

Whether you're a business owner who happens to be a music fan and constantly has a lack of time, stress around money, marginal results with marketing or sales or even lack of confidence in certain areas getting in the way of your success, the Personal EmpowerMe Song Experience by Thrive Alive Music and Thrive Alive Integrative Business Consulting & Strategy can help you.

Just as corporations spend billions to influence behavior with commercials and song jingles, military uses music/chant to set their focused mindset, parents teach children the ABC's with music and pro or olympic athletes use both visualization and music to amp themselves for high performance, now you can take personal responsibility and use this same power to influence your own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and results in a very personalized powerful way.

With the Personal EmpowerMe Song Experience, the excuse of affirmations feeling weird or off, not having enough time to do them or feeling too embarrassed in front of your kids or spouse to do them becomes obsolete.

We'll help you identify and dissolve non supportive beliefs and thoughts that may be slowing or blocking progress and nurture new empowering ones to super charge progress toward your ideal lifestyle with your very own personalized song, no music skills or singing required on your part. Listen (and sing along if you like) in the shower, while working out, driving or anywhere you have your smart phone and ear buds.

Joshua, your song designer will work with you to co-create a song that resonates for your needs in nearly any style of music you like whether male or female vocalist including but not limited to:

-Rock - Pop - Adult Contemporary - Acoustic Folk - Hip Hop /Rap - Electronic Dance - And MORE!

Personalized Song Offering Options:

-EmpowerMe Song
-Affirmation Song
-Theme Song
-Somatic Song
-Soul Medicine Song

Our Mission:
To advance your self actualization through the power of music.


Schedule a 20 min. Discovery Call to confirm if a complimentary Non Supportive Beliefs Release Session is right for you. The beliefs release session will identify beliefs blocking progress to your next level of success and begin dissolving them to advance progress toward your Thrive Alive vision for your life and business.  We'll also explore if a Personal EmpowerMe Song to supercharge your beliefs, thoughts, actions and results toward your next level of success is a fit for you . Schedule the 20 Min Discovery Call here or contact Joshua at 562-225-4983.

Complimentary Non Supportive Beliefs Release Session

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