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Personalized Affirmation Songs

No Music Skills or Singing Required

"Oh yes! I cried and had goosebumps!"

Shelley's response when asked if she liked her song the first time she heard it.

“I knew it would impact how I feel, but I didn’t expect that it would directly impact my behaviors!" Yami Balstein

Paris Tunes In To Empowered Woman Described In Her Song 

Paris Song_edited.jpg

I am currently offering my first international tour with my business.  The song continues to nourish my fire of courage and offering myself to the world, in the name of my service to benefit all beings. It is nice to listen to a couple of times in a row and I tune into the essence of me being the woman I say I am in the song. It is really cool.


The process of discovering with Joshua that there was such a big non-supportive belief that I have been carrying was huge in and of itself! It was incredibly helpful to identify and name the non-supportive belief and then be creative with it by co-creating a song. It was an enriching experience because I can hear powerful suggestions and insight into this non-supportive belief that is shifting.

The shifts that I have noticed have been more to do with recognizing the voice of the old belief and realizing that it isn't a truthful voice. Working with Joshua helped to identify this programming. Often times I'll sing some of the lyrics to help shift my perspective out of the non-supportive belief. 


I have really enjoyed working with Joshua! I have felt very supported with the work that we have done together. I feel like he is a masterful listener and the feedback he offers is valuable and applicable. Joshua does a great job at creating a safe space so I can explore myself and my process. He asks relevant questions that invite me to look deeper into myself to activate an answer. 


In my experience he embodies a sweet balance of the masculine and feminine. He is business savvy while also incredibly intuitive. I have really loved working with him.

Paris Latka, Master Nutrition Therapist, Emotional Eating Coach, Therapeutic Chef, and Bowspring Instructor

Your Vision + Thrive Alive Musicians

April Goes With The Flow!

By The Graduate and April Howson

I recommend this process to you if you're trying to re-condition your thought patterns and want to get your best thoughts stuck in your head.  Just listening to "positive music" on the radio or on my smartphone isn't enough--co-creating a song specific to my life, needs and interests made listening to music a much more powerful tool.

I was immediately intrigued by the concept of having my own empowerment song and I wasn't disappointed!  My song has become a fond keepsake of a particular time in my life.  Years later, the song still serves as a reminder of my goals, as well as a happy "thumbs-up" for all of the things in the song that have now come true in my life (surprisingly many!).


Working with Joshua, you immediately get the sense that he is invested in your well-being and success.  He really went above and beyond to ensure that my song resonated with me and had the right "vibe".

April Howson, Creative Director, Designer, Consultant

David in Boulder, Co Owns His Business!

By J Flowinlight and Dave 

Thanks very much for the work you did with me and on the song. I felt your heart driving your work. I felt held and supported by you. 


I chose to work with you and make the song with you as a way to be focused on and further articulate and manifest some desperately desired changes and growth. Being in that process with you did help to make those goals real, have some external support and build momentum toward changes which did indeed manifest for me in the following year.

I have owned my life and my business and my emotional self significantly more, real tangible differences. 

Dave, Self Employed

Renee Improves Health, Takes Care Of Herself and Grows Her Business

My Body Is Love By J Flowinlight and Renee Smith

Coach Joshua did a great song for me and my life has changed in ways I would have never expected!  I learned to put me first and pay attention to healthier ways of eating.  Most of all, the song helped me to improve my focus through a more fun form of meditation. 

My song helped remind me that anything in life is possible and that it’s ok to make mistakes but to get back on the horse after I fell off……to stop and listen to my inner needs, to grow and set my intentions.  I do that each month and look at my list weekly to help grow my business and health.  

Please note, I am owner of a profitable non-medical nursing agency and it’s been growing since I started setting my goals and intentions at a new level.  I have a long way to go but Coach Joshua and my Personal EmpowerMe song helped me!!!  Thank you teacher!  


Renee Smith, Director/Owner-Comfort Caregivers

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Yami Lives Life And Smiles

By Yami and The Graduate

"I knew my song would impact how I feel, but I didn't expect that it would directly impact my behaviors...there were a few times when I didn't feel like working out and then the lyrics just came in to my head, "...I'm doing the 5k, 10k and the marathon..." and it motivated me to get up and work out!  It really worked amazingly well to keep me motivated and uplifted about things like being healthy and having a positive attitude about dating which I've just started doing again after a very long hiatus and it's been GREAT."

"When I first started doing this, I had (and I still have) a lot of things going on in my life and a lot of different goals I am working towards.  I was a little overwhelmed about it all and a little fearful that I wouldn’t be able to handle it all.  I needed a lot of energy to achieve my goals and to grow, and this song gives me really positive energy each time I hear it." 

"It's very catchy, makes me feel energized, happy....uplifted and inspired." "It’s definitely achieved its purpose." 


Yami Balstien

Sarah Lives In The Present Moment

By J Flowinlight and Sarah S.

"I got chills the first time I heard (my song). I could not believe what an amazing team you and I thoughts, your voice. Beautiful.  I am listening to the rough draft about 5 or 6 times a day. My son is asking me to turn the station because he is sick of hearing it.  (Listening to the lyrics), I am compelled to be awake....present....and in love with each person I come across.  Its catchy, soothing but also invigorating, It makes me feel centered, happy."  


Sarah S., Behavior Therapist 

Debby Finds A State Of Ease

By Toni Lambio and Debby Towel

“I found your concept interesting and wondered if it would work. I was willing to experiment without expectation. I can tell you that the song is effective in the manner with which you have intended it to (be)… I think of it as my forever song. "

“This is perfect…….It makes my heart feel open and connects me to my highest thought.”


Debby Towel, Life Coach

Stephanie Lands Dream Job 

Euphoria By J Flowinlight and Stephanie Wood

My Personal Empower Me Song Experience supported improvement of both my private and professional life!  As a result of the co-creative process, I established important standards and goals.  My song reconnected me with and inspired my heart's needs, desires and passions.  The more I listened, the more I believed I could create the life I wanted.  I now have my dream job as a lead for a home design team!  Thank you Thrive Alive Music!


Stephanie Wood, Jonathan Adler - Team Mgr.


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Schedule a 20 min. Discovery Call to confirm if a complimentary Non Supportive Beliefs Release Session is right for you. The beliefs release session will identify beliefs blocking progress to your next level of success and begin dissolving them to advance progress toward your Thrive Alive vision for your life and business.  We'll also explore if a Personal EmpowerMe Song to supercharge your beliefs, thoughts, actions and results toward your next level of success is a fit for you . Schedule the 20 Min Discovery Call here or contact Joshua at 562-225-4983.

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