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Are you a successful heart-centered service oriented business owner who happens to be a huge music fan yet are overwhelmed, feeling stuck and/or bottle necked when it comes to taking your business to the next level or claiming your joy, enthusiasm and freedom?

Do More of What You

 Less of What You Don't!  

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Thrive Now Strategy Session

Matt Meuli of 

Working with  Joshua helped my law firm double it's gross revenue!


Family Centered


Doubles Gross Revenue

Joshua helped me to see where my mindset was holding my business back and how to identify, challenge, and change that mindset.  My new mindset is allowing my business to continue to grow.

Amy Hsiao,

Family Business Lawyer 

I hit my financial targets...

plus I did so while

taking a near full month

off in December thanks in

part to Joshua's coaching!

Self Employed Mom Spends More Time w/Newborn 

Are you a successful heart-centered service oriented business owner who happens to be a huge music fan yet are overwhelmed and/or feeling stuck or bottle necked when it comes to taking business to the next level or freeing  time to do more of what you love and less of what you don't?  Are you missing out on business growth because you're overwhelmed with the business you already have? 

If you said yes to any of the above and are ready to transform health, relationships, finances, business/leadership interests or simply want more of what you love and less of what you don't while earning the same or better money in your business, then read on.  


Explore if participating in a co-creative experience that dissolves blocks to progress while nurturing new empowering beliefs and habits which ignite aligned action in creating your heart’s desires so you can start living your most inspired Thrive Alive life and business right away is for you. 

Thrive Alive Integrated Business Consulting and Strategy featuring the customized Personal EmpowerMeSong often includes support in project prioritization / management, leverage systems (software), team building/retention, cash flow strategy / management, ideal client identifying,  client attraction coaching, and/or Thrive Alive business and life visioning for music loving business owners or self-employed  people like you who want to make managing or growing your business and/or self development more fun and entertaining with the support of personalized business strategy, consulting, coaching, music and song.

Joshua has a client slot opening in December.  Call Lead Song Designer, Consultant and Strategist, Joshua Gribschaw-Beck at 562-225-4983 now to book a complimentary Thrive Now Strategy Session in which we'll identify at least two steps you can take immediately to move towards your ideal Thrive Alive vision for your life and business plus we'll get clear on whether or not a business strategy and consulting relationship along with customized Personal EmpowerMe Song is right for you.   Call Joshua at 562-225-4983. 

Joshua did a great song for me and my life has changed in ways I would have never expected!  I learned to put me first and pay attention to healthier ways of eating.  Most of all, the song helped me to improve my focus.  I am owner of a profitable non-medical nursing agency and it's been growing since I started setting my goals and intentions on a new level. I have a long way to go but Joshua and my personal EmpowerMe Song helped me!  Thank you teacher!

Renee Improves Health,

Grows Her Business

 Renee Smith, Director/Owner of Comfort Caregivers

Before Joshua was a business strategist, consultant and coach to small business owners, he served successfully in various roles such as a Project Manager and Business Development Executive in various business management roles and more at different sized organizations.  These included the launch of start ups to working with more established companies such as a Fortune 205 and Premier Agendas which owned a 50% marketing share at the time.  He's coached, consulted, led team training webinars and posted as a guest blogger for New Law Business Model.  He's also managed and/or supported the launch and/or execution of multiple conferences including one for the Shift Network and the Inclusionary Leadership Group's Better Man Conference.


After tripling his income and catapulting his self in to the top 10% of single income earners in America in 2010 during the economic downturn, transforming crippling, life threatening health complications naturally without drugs, making friends with fears that kept him from living many of his life’s passions and building more heart centered, loving and connected relationships than he ever had in his life before, Joshua was faced with a tough decision. Was he to remain in his extremely financially secure and high paying job at Laureate International Universities where he served as a business and technology graduate education adviser to professionals ranging from small business owners to mid level managerial candidates at Fortune 500 companies? Or should he leave to follow his dream of helping others to harness the power of custom music as he had in his personal life? He chose the latter and created the Personal EmpowerMe Song Experience ™  


The concept was conceived while working in a national top 18 broadcast music radio market as a promotions person turned full time on air disc jockey. In these early stages of his career, Joshua discovered that the power of music, advertising, personal history, family history and other day to day experiences have massive influence on an individual's day to day behavior and choices as well as their response to significant life changes which all lead to an individual's life results or outcomes.

As he studied and then applied positive or high performance psychology from a number of different sources including PhD, Dr. Krause from Harvard University as well as human potential experts such as Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Oprah and others, it became apparent that the power of music could be customized and harnessed to supercharge a music fan or listener's thoughts, emotions, actions and therefore results whether it be related health, relationships, finance or any other area of life. 


Rather than continuing to play music focused on sex and drugs coupled with advertising used to influence station listener’s behavior for the agendas of giant corporations, the vision to help people take control and empower themselves to move towards their own highest life visions through personalized music was set in motion.


Now, after his own personal transformations, countless hours of human potential studies (more specifically from Dr. Krause) and the consulting, coaching, mentoring or support of over 1000 business owners or professionals in moving towards their dreams, he helps implement Dr. Krause's 5 keys to transforming your life and creating your heart’s desire in your business. What’s more, he’s discovered that you can supercharge the 5 keys by harnessing the power of coaching,  personalized and enjoyable or entertaining music.


Call Joshua to explore a Complimentary Thrive Now Strategy Session as he currently has space for an additional client in December.  He enjoys ample time in nature, is a natural lyricist, studied vocal performance with Pointe Studios as well as music composition/theory with Masters Music Academy and the East Valley School Of Music. He’s a supporting member of the Positive Music Association and an advocate for G.A.T.E. (Global Alliance For Transformational Entertainment).

The Music Artists



Song  music

artists are

passionate about and 

​​committed to serving  your most inspired life.  With great song writing and vocal performance skill, they come from different backgrounds and walks of life.  They've all been trained in the Personal EmpowerMe Song 

Collaboration Process and work under the direction of Coach Joshua yet bring their own unique style to their areas of expertise be adult contemporary, pop, rock, alternative, hip hop or any other style of music. To learn more call 562-225-4983.

Joshua Gribschaw-Beck, Consultant, Strategist, Song Designer

Ray Launches Conference, Doubles Six Figure Income, Quadruples Revenue Among 3 Business Entities and Still Has Time For Family and Vacation

Ray Arata, Founder of

Better Man Conference and

Inclusionary Leadership Group

With Joshua's systems support I've begun to leverage myself to take my heart centered passion projects to the next level. When we began working together I was in a rut, bottle necked and overwhelmed with too many details to keep track of and things to do to make the headway needed to advance the next phase of my mission. My inclusionary leadership organizational change firm wasn't progressing and I was making little or no progress on the conference I wanted to launch.

Joshua regularly takes me through a deep dive question process to ascertain what's next in my business. This process helps us to ascertain what strategies and systems to implement in moving my business interests forward. These question directed sessions have led to setting up systems for lead generation, lead management, calendar management, bookkeeping and project management. 


Shortly after we started working together, I generated at least twice as many sales meetings as I did before with qualified candidates, and I am happy to share that we secured our two biggest months of revenue which is more than twice my average monthly revenue before Joshua came on board. 


I got ahead of schedule for annual revenue goals which nearly doubled, my organizational change firm has begun to bring in money and I've now had or now have major sponsors including Visa, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, PwC, Kaiser Permanente and more for the Better Man Conference which is now in it's third year and slated for Oct. and Nov. 2018.  I wouldn't have had the bandwidth or capacity to advance these projects without the support and systems Joshua has contributed to.  

I took off nearly two months last year and regularly have space for my passions like cycling, traveling and spending my time with family and friends throughout the week and on a regular basis.

Marc Schwartz

Family Estate Planning Attorney

Joshua has given me both practical support and inner world transformational coaching.  With Joshua , I've gotten in the habit of having my staff track numbers and metrics for me to review regularly which has led me to releasing unfruitful parts of my business that were a huge time suck, making needed changes to my staff and identifying where my most reliable business is coming from.   

He's also helped me get in the habit of better managing my calendar and day which has led to me seeing where I can spend more of my day focused on growing the business to the next level.

In working with Joshua I've become aware  of a need to  be more patient, compassionate and supportive of myself and he's shown me multiple paths for how I can continue to grow my clientele and revenue.  


Thank you Joshua!!


Joshua has a client slot opening in December.  Apply now for a complimentary Thrive Now Strategy Session to explore if a consulting/business strategy relationship with Joshua is a good fit. 

Call Joshua at 562-225-4983 to learn more or schedule a complimentary Thrive Now Strategy Session in which we'll identify at least two steps you can take immediately to move towards your ideal Thrive Alive vision for your life and business plus we'll get clear on whether or not the Personal EmpowerMe Song Experience which includes an ongoing consulting and business strategy relationship coupled with a personalized Empower Me Song is right for you.   


*Put a stake in the ground, commit to a Thrive Alive life and make the call to secure your complimentary session.

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