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Are you a successful heart-centered service oriented business owner who happens to be a huge music fan yet are overwhelmed, feeling stuck and/or bottle necked when it comes to taking your business to the next level or claiming your joy, enthusiasm and freedom?

Do More of What You

Less of What You Don't!  

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Renee Improves Health,

Grows Her Business

Coach Joshua did a great song for me and my life has changed in ways I would have never expected!  I learned to put me first and pay attention to healthier ways of eating.  Most of all, the song helped me to improve my focus.  I am owner of a profitable non-medical nursing agency and it's been growing since I started setting my goals and intentions on a new level.  I have a long way to go but Coach Joshua and my personal EmpowerMe Song helped me!  Thank you teacher!

      Renee Smith, Director/Owner of Comfort Caregivers

The Music Artists

passionate about and 

​​committed to serving  your most inspired life.  With great song writing and vocal performance skill, they come from different backgrounds and walks of life.  They've all been trained in the Personal EmpowerMe Song 

Collaboration Process and work under the direction of Coach Joshua yet bring their own unique style to their areas of expertise be adult contemporary, pop, rock, alternative, hip hop or any other style of music. To learn more call 562-225-4983.



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